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Accessible, fee-free digital banking platform for the immigrant community, with bilingual support and international deposit and transfer facilities.

Comun: Revolutionizing Financial Access for the Immigrant Community

Discover Comun, a pioneering financial technology platform designed specifically to meet the needs of the immigrant community in the United States. Unlike traditional banking, Comun offers a user-friendly digital banking experience focused on financial inclusion, low fees and bilingual support, making financial services more inclusive and empowering.

Unmatched Ease of Opening an Account

Opening a checking account with Comun is simple and hassle-free, addressing the barriers to financial exclusion typically faced by the immigrant community. Accepting over 100 forms of identification², including social security numbers from Latin American countries, Comun ensures that immigrants have access to essential banking services. The application process is quick, taking less than 5 minutes, and is free of additional or hidden fees, minimum balance requirements or monthly commissions. This inclusiveness is central to Comun's mission of fostering financial stability and growth.

Mobile Deposit Options

ComunComun offers a convenient mobile deposit feature that allows users to deposit cash at more than 88,000 locations in the United States, including major retailers such as Walgreens, Dollar General and Walmart. This extensive network ensures that users can easily find a deposit location near them, making the process of adding money to their accounts simple and hassle-free.

Traditional Banking: Although many traditional banks offer mobile deposit options, they often restrict these to check deposits through a mobile app. Cash deposits typically require a visit to an ATM or bank branch, which can be less convenient and more time-consuming than Comun's extensive cash deposit network.

Utility in Today's World: In today's fast-paced environment, the flexibility to deposit cash in a wide range of accessible locations is invaluable, especially for individuals who may not have easy access to traditional banking services or who work non-traditional hours when banks are closed.

International Remittances

ComunComun excels in facilitating international remittances⁴, allowing users to send money abroad quickly and with lower fees compared to many traditional banks and remittance services. The process is enhanced with real-time notifications, keeping the sender informed from the moment the money is sent until it is received.

Traditional Banking: Traditional banks generally offer international transfer services, but these can be expensive and slow, with transfers sometimes taking several days to complete. In addition, the fees associated with traditional bank remittances can be significantly higher.

Usefulness in Today's World: In a globalized economy, the ability to send money across borders quickly and affordably is crucial. Many families rely on remittances for financial support, and businesses need efficient ways to handle international transactions. Comun's streamlined and cost-effective service effectively meets these modern demands.

Advance Salary Access

Comun: Comun offers the ability to connect wages to the application and receive payment up to two days in advance³. This feature incurs no additional fees, providing significant relief during financial emergencies or when planning ahead.

Traditional Banking: Some traditional banks have begun to offer similar features, but they are often tied to specific types of accounts or require a minimum balance. The accessibility and ease of use of early access to Comun's salary is not always matched in traditional environments.

Usefulness in Today's World: With the rise of gig economy jobs and irregular pay schedules, having early access to wages can provide a buffer against financial instability. This feature is particularly valuable for those living paycheck to paycheck, offering a cushion that can help avoid overdraft fees and late payments.

Unlike traditional banking institutions, Comun's innovative features are designed to meet the needs of today's diverse and mobile population, particularly benefiting the immigrant community in the U.S. By providing services that offer greater convenience, lower costs and greater accessibility, Comun not only addresses common challenges faced by its users, but also empowers them toward greater financial freedom and stability. As we move toward a more interconnected and fast-paced world, the importance of responsive and inclusive financial services continues to grow, something Comun is uniquely positioned to offer.

Robust Security and Customer Support

Security and customer support are paramount at Comun. With FDIC-insured accounts and Visa protection on virtual Visa debit card transactions, Comun customers can manage their funds with confidence. Innovative security features such as biometric logins and instant transaction notifications keep your money safe. In addition, Comun offers 24/7 customer support in English and Spanish, ensuring that help is always available in your preferred language.

Commitment to Zero Fees and Upward Mobility

Comun stands out not only for offering zero fees for account opening, monthly maintenance or minimum balances, but also for its commitment to helping its users move up the financial ladder. Comun acts as a financial partner, supporting financial transactions without the burden of excessive fees. This commitment aligns with the goal of enabling upward mobility for immigrants, who contribute significantly to the U.S. economy.

Customized Features and Benefits

Comun goes beyond traditional financial services by offering features designed to meet the unique needs of the immigrant community. Users can send money abroad with low or no fees, deposit cash at more than 88,000 locations nationwide, including free ATM withdrawals, and connect their accounts to popular payment apps such as Zelle, CashApp and Venmo. Comun's platform also allows customers to receive their paychecks up to two days early through direct deposit, further enhancing their financial flexibility and stability.


Comun is not just a financial services provider, but a platform dedicated to transforming the banking experience for immigrants in the U.S. With its user-focused design, commitment to financial freedom and robust features, Comun is destined to become a vital tool for achieving financial stability and growth for its users. Whether you are looking to manage your daily finances or send money to loved ones abroad quickly and securely, Comun offers a reliable, inclusive and efficient banking solution.

Foundational Moment: Did you know?

Founded by entrepreneurs Mark Selcow and Andres Santos in New York, Comun was built to empower families and enable upward mobility, particularly for the immigrant family. The company has garnered significant investment from prominent firms such as Costanoa Ventures, FJ Labs and South Park Commons, underscoring the tremendous opportunity to serve the financial needs of immigrant families and improve the lives of every individual.

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