A new, more inclusive way of banking

We created Comun because we all deserve banking that treats us well, is not predatory, and speaks our language.

We are on a mission to enable upward mobility for Latinos

We're changing the face of banking for Latinos

It is no secret that banking has its problems. Instead of helping us turn hard work into financial stability, they give us obstacles and headaches. When it comes to Latinos, things are even worse. Banks are clearly not designed for us.

We pay an average of $149 USD a year in checking account fees. Incredibly, most of these fees come when we can least afford them: when we go into overdraft, have insufficient funds, or don't cover the minimum balance. In addition, nearly half of Latinos in the United States have no credit history, making us twice as likely to get predatory loans. Our needs are different, forcing us to seek alternative services such as check cashing and remittances. Those services stopped innovating decades ago and still charge very high fees.

We started Comun because we believe that millions of Latino families in the United States deserve a better chance at financial freedom. That starts with banking they can trust.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

We are a team of immigrant and first generation Latinos committed to our community. We know what it's like to be a second-class citizen: we've been turned down at banks when opening an account or taking out a loan; we've been asked for sky-high collateral; we've been forced to go to the branch and wait in line to complete simple transactions.

We are fortunate to have gained experience at some of the best universities and technology companies in the country. We believe that with privilege comes responsibility, and we are proud to be dedicated to helping our community achieve a better financial life.

We're redesigning banking to give you more control over your money, helping your family earn more and spend less. We'll provide you with access to credit products designed to help you get ahead. In the long run, we want to be your partner as you build the life of your dreams for you and your family.

Why the name Comun?

Being a Latino living in the US is not a "one-size-fits-all". We come from different places and backgrounds; some have been here long, while others have just arrived. Despite our differences, we share important things that unite us. We believe in the promise of a brighter future. We believe in hard work and sacrifice. Everything we do is in the name of helping our families succeed. That's what Comun is all about.

Fulfillment fosters engagmenet

We all have different life pursuits that cross our personal and professional lives. We are here to enable those pursuits, not to sacrifice them.

Greatness requires fearlessness

Fear of failure dampens the brightest of potentials. We trade ego for growth by learning to live outside our comfort zone, seeking the thrill of new challenges. And we break through uncertainty by acquiring new knowledge.

Vulnerability creates strength

We value self-awareness, treasuring feedback as a means of positive transformation. As such, we both welcome it and deliver it with open arms.

Mastery is an endless journey

We find flow in seeking mastery within our work. We know perfection is never reached, yet its pursuit gives us energy and meaning. We always seek to be better than who we were yesterday.

You are in good company

And by > 50 executives from companies such as:

Backed by top VC funds

~10% of our capital comes from underrepresented Latino investors.

Come build with us

Helping Latinos reach their full potential starts with helping our team reach theirs. We offer our team members industry-leading benefits, including competitive compensation, medical, dental and vision insurance, generous holiday time, and other benefits to support remote work.
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Meet Piermont Bank, Member FDIC

Piermont Bank is a digital commercial bank founded in 2019 with a mission to change the face and pace of banking. Piermont is women-founded, entrepreneur-led, and technology-fortified. It is also the first multiracial Minority Depository Institution (MDI) certified by the FDIC in the United States. Piermont Bank provides an unprecedented experience that blends the best of banking with the agility of Fintech.

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