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Send money to your country safely

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Deposit cash into your Comun account at more than 88,000 participating retail locations throughout the United States

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You can track your money with instant notifications from the time you click "send" until your recipient picks it up

Choose from more than 100,000 options for fundraising

You can choose from over 100,000+ stores like OXXO to pick up cash. You can also use bank transfers to keep your loved ones at home.

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"The application is very easy and arrives quickly. Depositing and making transfers is very simple, excellent service!"

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"I was finally able to access financial services easily in the U.S. as a Mexican citizen, it has helped me a lot."

Martina ZG
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"I am just starting to use it and I am surprised that it is very useful. Just as advertised. I recommend it. 👍🏼"

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"They are always very attentive and solve my doubts. Thank you Comun!"

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"So far the app, card and account have worked out great for me!!!"

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Your money is in good hands

We have the support of the main financial institutions to keep your money safe and protected.

FDIC Insured

The funds in your account are insured up to $250,000 by Piermont Bank; Member FDIC or Community Federal Savings Bank; Member FDIC.

VISA Protections

Your card is protected with VISA's guarantee against unauthorized charges

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Is it safe to send money abroad with Comun?

Sending financial support to your loved ones shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Comun offers a flat fee of only $2.99 per transaction. You can support your loved ones without worrying about excessive fees.

What is the cost of sending money abroad?

If you send money to a store, it must go to the store of your choice at least 30 minutes after you send the money. It can be any store that has the same name, you do not have to choose a specific store if it is part of a chain of stores or banks.

What does my recipient need to do to receive the money?

Your money arrives in a short time. Bank transfers usually arrive in about 30 minutes, and cash can take up to 1 hour to arrive at the store or bank where you are sending cash.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

Your money arrives in a short time. Bank transfers usually arrive in about 30 minutes, and cash can take up to 1 hour to arrive at the store or bank where you are sending cash.

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