Our mission is to enable upward mobility for Latinos living in the US

Let's start with the problem:

Living in the United States as a foreigner is not easy, and the US financial system does not help. Trustworthy financial services are critical for building wealth, and unfortunately, millions of Latinos are left out.

There are many barriers to entry including:


Latinos are less likely to have an SSN²


Latinos lack Spanish speaking services³


Many services for Latinos have exploitative pricing¹

This creates a structural opportunity gap:

2x - 3x

more likely to be underbanked and unbanked, respectively³


higher fees paid on deposit accounts¹


less likely to have financial literacy⁷

At Comun, we have the solution:

Reduce these barriers to entry to accelerate integration with the digital economy.

Your documents

Comun is the only platform that allows you to apply with more than 100 LATAM IDs.

Your language

100% bilingual customer service with native Spanish speakers available 24/7 by chat, mail, or phone.

Your neighborhood

A network with thousands of locations to deposit and withdraw cash wherever it is most convenient.

Inclusive financial services will help grow Latinos’ already outsized impact on the US economy:

62 million Latinos now live in the USA

The population is expected to reach 110 million by 2060⁵.

Latinos contribute $3.2 billion to GDP

This represents the 5th largest GDP in the world (more than Mexico and Brazil combined)⁴.

+1 million immigrants yearly

Immigrants will continue to play a key role in addressing the worker shortage gap in the USA⁶.

Our team is uniquely positioned to build this solution

We are a team of immigrants from all over the world and many LATAM countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela and Guatemala.

We have a team with over 50 years of combined experience in banking and technology services. We want to leverage that experience to dedicate ourselves to helping our community achieve a better financial life.

You are in good company

Backed by top VC funds including:

Endorsed by 50 company executives including:

We are proud that more than 10% of our capital comes from Latino investors

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